We are currently looking for:

Graphics Programmer (m/f/*)

Entry Date: immediately
Term: Permanent ("unbefristete Festanstellung")

- Contributing significantly to the visual fidelity and efficient rendering of large open world RPG
- Working closely with artists to develop efficient rendering and procedural modeling systems that best meet the needs of a specific product
- Supporting and maintaining existing systems
- Improving game performance on the engine side
- Implementing functionalities with a focus on consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)
- Actively maintaining skill-set and knowledge base by keeping track of the latest innovations from the industry
- Researching and experimenting with new implementation techniques

- Performance-oriented C++ programming and debugging experience
- Thorough understanding of core graphics techniques such as lighting, shadow mapping, light mapping, anti-aliasing, skinning, etc
- Self-motivated and passionate about computer graphics and procedural modeling
- Good 3D math skills
- Capable of conveying a range of complex technical issues to both programmers and other less technically minded team members
- Ability to write efficient rendering code targeting a wide range of graphics hardware
- Ability to optimize C++ code (memory/speed) and write and maintain multi-threaded code
- Knowledge of at least one graphics API such as DirectX, Vulkan, Metal , OpenGL
- Knowledge of at least one shading language such as HLSL, GLSL, or Metal Shading Language

Formal education/certificate/diploma is not required.
We are offering a permanent place with our experienced, well-established and klose-knit team that has a track-record of more than 19 years of game development and has shipped 7 boxed full price games (ELEX, Gothic series, Risen series) on multiple platforms.

Please apply by email:
email: jobs.19@piranha-bytes.com