2017-06-01 - ELEX release date set

ELEX will be released October 17th on Windows PC, Playstation 4 und XBox One.

2016-08-18 - ELEX at Gamescom 2016 (Hall 8, Booth C20)

The ELEX game stations for Gamescom 2016 are ready! Check them out and play the demo or meet us in person at our daily presentations.
Where? Entertainment Area, Hall 8, Booth C20
Presentations: Thu 4:00 pm, Fri 2:00 pm, Sat 3:00 pm, Sun 2:00 pm

2016-01-20 - Piranha Bytes are hiring (Animator m/f)

Piranha Bytes were looking for a senior animator who will be responsible for human animation. Position was filled.

2015-12-09 - ELEX Fanart Competition - winners selected

Thanks to all participants of our ELEX FANART COMPETITION and congratulations to the winners:
Artworks (pdf, ca 16MB)

2015-11-02 - ELEX Fanart Competition started

Participate in the ELEX FANART COMPETITION for a chance to see your own artwork in the game! Competition ends on November 30th, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. CET. For task and terms and conditions see below.
Competition description
Legal Terms and Conditions (English: pages 5-8)

2015-07-01 - Next Piranha Bytes game: ELEX

Piranha Bytes' next game will be ELEX, scheduled to be released in winter 2017 on Windows PC and console platforms. Find out more about the open-world roleplay game here:
ELEX web page
ELEX facebook page

2015-05-07 - Risen 3: Titan Lords will be released for PS4

Risen 3 will be released to PlayStation® 4 as Piranha Bytes' first game for that platform. Risen 3: Titan Lords - Enhanced Edition will be available worldwide starting 21st of August 2015. more about this

2014-08-12 - Risen 3: Titan Lords released

Risen 3 has been released for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Development had started 2012.

2014-04-10 - Risen 2 and expansions available DRM free for download

Starting today Risen 2 is also available for download at GOG.com. GOG.com is offering all games totally free of DRM.
direct link to Risen 2 Gold@gog.com
direct link to Risen 2@gog.com
direct link to Risen 2 Expansions@gog.com

2014-04-03 - Risen available DRM free for download

Starting today Risen is available for download at GOG.com. GOG.com makes a policy of offering all games totally free of DRM. direct link to Risen@gog.com

2014-02-25 - New Game announced: Risen 3: Titan Lords

Piranha Bytes announce new classic RPG on PC and Consoles download full press release (pdf)

2013-06-25 - Piranha Bytes now on Facebook

Piranha Bytes have joined Facbook - visit us at https://www.facebook.com/Piranha.Bytes

2012-12-12 - Risen 2 wins German Developer Award 2012

Risen 2 has been awarded the German Developer Award 2012 for best RPG.

2012-04-27 - Risen 2 (PC): released on Apr 27th 2012

Risen 2, Piranha Bytes' newest project has been released worldwide for PC.

2012-03-19 - Piranha Bytes were hiring (Console Programmer)

One place had already been filled, one remained open. Please refer to
Job Description (English)

2012-02-01 - Piranha Bytes were hiring (VFX Designer)

We were looking for a new team member for creating visual effects. Please refer to
Job Description (German language skills required)

2011-08-10 - New Risen 2: Dark Waters Website online

Piranha Bytes' newest RPG Risen 2: Dark Waters - scheduled to be released in 2012 for PC and consoles - has found its new home.
download full press release (pdf)

2009-10-02 - Risen: released worldwide on Oct 2nd 2009

Risen, Piranha Bytes' lastest project has been released worldwide on XBox 360® and for PC. This excludes Australia due to their somewhat strange age rating system which does not allow for content for a mature audience and the North Americas (PC available, Xbox360 version was postponed until I/2010).

2008-11-21 - JoWooD releases Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods

Piranha Bytes have not been involved with development. download full statement (pdf)

2007-06-06 - Pluto 13 GmbH clarifies on legal matters regarding Gothic®

Download (pdf) full statement.