2006-08-25 - Gothic 3 at GC 2006

Gothic 3 is currently being presented to the broad public at this year's Games Convention 2006. German Fansite worldofgothic has filmed one of the presentations an put it online at their site.

2006-08-07 - Piranha Bytes and Halycon Media start projects around Gothic

To shorten the waiting time until the release of Gothic 3, Halycon Media and Piranha Bytes have taken preparations:
In August 2006 they will release a Fan Edition of Gothic 1. Halycon Media is also responsible for the production of both the official strategy guide for Gothic 3 and the artbook "The Art of Gothic", scheduled to be released together with Gothic 3.

2006-07-28 - new company website launched

Besides its product websites Gothic Portal and Gothic 3 Pluto 13 GmbH now also has a company website.

2006-07-25 - Gothic 3 nearing completition

After more than 3 years of development our latest project Gothic 3 is finally approaching goldmaster status. Currently English voiceovers are being recorded in the United States.

2006-07-20 - Gothic 3 soundtrack at the opening of GC 2006 in Leipzig

At the opening concert of Games Convention 2006, Europe’s biggest electronic entertainment exhibition in Leipzig in the Gewandhaus Leipzig on August 23rd, 2006 music from a selected few computer games including Gothic 3 was performed live by a symphony orchestra. Solo musicians and a choir contributed to a fantastic musical experience.