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portrait #08: Horst

name: Horst Dworczak

age: 27

team member since: 1998

project history: Gothic

indian name that fits:
Tokawhaha (He-Who-Is-Always-In-A-Good-Mood)

look at mug more closely

what's your name?


Whatís your job at piranha bytes?

Lead Artist, with lead not standing for divine leadership or emperor but doing a lot of organizational stuff. Without the other artists the handle lead would mean nothing.

How did you manage to get your job, and what were your first works?

Phew, what was it like again?
Mario and I were self-employed. Just a small team. By word-of-mouth recommendation we managed to join Piranha Bytes during a very early stage of the development of Gothic. And nowadays we are stockholders :-). Thatís the way of life.

You and Mario started out as a two-man level designer team. Do you prefer close teamwork to pulling off your own thing?

Yes, and no. At work Iím a real team player; I like to do stuff with other people. None of us designed a level all by himself - they all emerged from our team creativity pool. Sometimes there are things I prefer doing without others, but not on the job.

What did life as a piranha teach you?

If I started to specify things now, I might as well write a novel...
This would be the gist: game development isn't always fun, and those who don't hang on will be run over sooner or later. But you learn something new and exciting each day.

What's your motto?

Discover your own inner self and live accordingly.

Which team role do you like better - the leading administrative role or that of the implementing artist?

Definitely implementing. Administration is a must, but if i could choose between the two I'd like to spend more time being creative.

What's your idea of a smoothly functioning team in the gaming industry?

Regarding the number of people involved... the less, the better. Otherwise you'll end up with thousands of titles, and organizational expenses will rise astronomically. I love to work with people who love their jobs, people i can count on in times of need but who are also smart enough to avoid critical phases. best would be people who can shout at each other in turbulent times, but who also know how to get along afterwards. luckily the piranhas fulfill some of these requirements :-)

Finish this sentence: 'Each day I come to work I think...'

'...If we don't get better offices soon I'll revert to my life as a freelancer' :-)

You are in a great mood as well as humorous most of the time... even in times of stress. how do you do manage to do it?

You can't govern life, anyway, so you'll have to take things with a certain dose of humor. experience taught me that problems are rarely solved by nagging and griping. That's just life.

If you had to give your life a fun rating, what would it be?

Well, I'm on the 99% track... though there are the occasional phases when the rating will drop to 70%.

is there a quotation (e.g. from a movie) you frequently use?

"There is no spoon."
(Little Buddha from "Matrix" to Neo)

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