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piranha bytes is a crew of creative individuals crowded together. as you can imagine, chaos is inevitable. since we don't take everything too seriously, we offer you the possibility to peak behind the scenes and laugh with us.

my digi-dam is armed and ready, so you can look forward to some silly photos of the third kind. you'll be surprised of the kind of freaks walking around freely in our office building. :o)

09-04-02: yet another portrait: story author mattias

this week, may we introduce story author mattias filler to you? being a talented storyteller, he came up with lots of great ideas that form the stories of gothic I and II.

to the 'portrait series'

08-11-02: portrait series: next, please!

kairo: to tell you the truth, i actually kept putting my own portrait off as long as possible. but then, sascha bursted into my office and started to interview me. he very kindly relieved me from creating the portrait.

to the 'portrait series'

08-11-02: portrait series: introducing sascha

in spite of the time pressure, one team member after the other sumbits himself to my interrogation. this time, the pleasant chat was with artist sascha, revealing some interesting information about how he comes up with the brilliant design ideas that flow into the world of gothic II.

to the 'portrait series'

08-02-02: second and third portrait avaliable

uuh, i just noticed i forgot posting a news entry on the publication of the second portrait here. i make up for it right now and invite you to meet two more team members, game designer mike hoge and story author and scripter stefan kalveram.

to the 'portrait series'

07-05-02: first portrait: björn

if you'd like to learn more about the freaks behind gothic I & II, you should check our new portrait series once a week. we'll introduce ourselves to you one after another in great detail, starting with game designer Björn Pankratz.

to the 'portrait series'

07-05-02: launch of the fun news section

if this entry is still on the first position in some weeks, you can be sure that the collective grin has been wiped off our faces. otherwise you'll be supplied with tons of funny and silly news and photos of the team.

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we were thinking about offering an official forum, but obviously the busy lizzies of our publisher JoWood and our supporters at RPGDot.com and world of gothic were much faster. since their community sections are very well-attended, we forego an official forum and present you the links to their forum pages:

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